Digital Payments - How Can We Go About This in India?

On December 29th 2016, I was invited at local society to give talk on digital payments methods and how can you use it. My audience was senior citizens and housewives. But when I stood in front of the audience of around 30 or so I left blank for a moment. I literally got confused for a fact that people listening to me have not yet handled smartphone properly. Concepts like Apps, android, OR code scans, etc were far from their world. How are they going to upgrade themselves for cashless payments which we our generation using quite easily on daily basis? How can they assure is it safe or not? At such age, maximum number of people lose intent to learn. For a moment I thought was it worth decision by government to go cashless economy?

But I had to speak at that moment. I backed up myself and told them about smartphones only. I did not shown any app or transaction. I introduced them with available digital payment methods in simple words. I narrated an example of buying a jewelry using ATM debit card and how it can be beneficial to carry only one card in pocket without being afraid to carry huge cash. They seemed convinced to use it. 

I think
  • We have to go through this phase.
  • Going cashless or lesscash is better for economy for long term. But we have to think about people who were not aware of smart devices or even plastic money.
  • Everyone of us should contribute to this by educating others starting from use of at least plastic money. Smartphone transaction can be next level.
  • We all are aware of benefits of using less cash. That's why we supported this decision. Now, for our better future we should not depend on government or local political leader.
 We have to accept that A 'Naya Daur' is going to start with this decision. If you look at history each of the generation have gone through this phase and adopted new things in their daily lifestyle. And mind you people we have to help others ans start from your own. Its for our better future only.

A song came into my mind is from movie Naya Daur which was released in 1957. 

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