A Great Resource for Online Gamblers

Online gambling has increased substantially over the past several years. Now, to play casino games, the players no longer need to travel to land-based casinos as it is easy to make bets via PCs, tablets, and smartphones from anywhere.

There are many online and mobile casinos providing gaming entertainment. And some are better than others. So, there's a need for a good site that compares various casinos and games, and makes it easier to choose a right place to bet.

A Great Learning Resource

One resourceful place is the OC Casino community, which is part of www.OnlineCasino.us website. This is a supportive community of players who share their experiences online. Learning from others can be quite useful. What's more, by participating in various forums, the members accumulate OC Points that later can be exchanged for real cash.

Those players who don't want to gamble with real money can access 120 free games through OnlineCasino.us. There are multiple free online slots (including classic slots, i-slots, and video slots), video poker, as well as table and specialty games.

This site also provides in-depth casino reviews that compare withdrawal limits, and Welcome and VIP bonuses among multiple online casinos. You'll also find out which casinos accept U.S. players.

When you'll contribute to the community with insightful remarks about gambling online, you will earn money every time as this site seeks to create a community of online players who support each other with insightful tips and tricks about different games.

Great Gambling Advice

Although many games are about luck, applying right strategies can increase chance of success. After all, if it was all about luck and no skills, then there would be no World Championship Poker tournaments or other contests. For example, poker players need to know when to fold and when to chase a hand. Right strategies and knowledge increase the odds.

That's why you should come to visit OnlineCasino.us as it is the place where expert advice is provided about various games such as Three-Card Poker Strategies, Pai Gow Poker Strategies, Five-Card Poker Strategies, Online Blackjack Tips, and Slots Tips and Tricks.

How this Site is Organized

One section is dedicated to online forums. This is where discussions take place about many facets of gambling. This is where you can learn from the experiences of others. Another part is called Questions & Answers. This is where you can post specific questions and have them answered by other players. And you can answer questions as well. There's also the OC Blog which covers current topics related to online betting.

The other parts of the site give access to free online games that we mentioned before as well as comprehensive casino reviews. There's also a section where you can register to participate and earn points.

How to Accumulate OC Points

OC Points are valuable since they can be converted to real money. 1,000 OC Points can be converted to $10. Once you request a payout, it will be send to your PayPal or Skrill account. The minimum payout for these accounts is $50.

When you'll register and get verified, you will automatically receive 250 points. Then, for 25 points each day you'll log into your account. Another 25 points will be given for every comment and reply you make.

If you create a new forum topic, 10 points will be added. Then, you'll have 10 points for every view on your topic. If you ask a question in the Q&A System, you'll have an extra 10 points, and 1 point for every view of that question.

More points are given if you answer a question in the Q&R System. Each answer is 5 points. When it comes to a Forum topic, you'll also receive 5 points for every answer you give.

There's no trick about it. As long as your questions are about casinos and casino games, points will accumulate. Once you have 5,000 points, you can request a payout, which will be processed from 1 to 7 business days.

In order to keep this learning resource useful, and to prevent abuse, there are daily limits, though. You can earn up to 10 points a day for new OC Forum topics, 50 points for Forum replies, 25 for answering questions, and 50 for comments on OC Blog.

This is quite generous. OnlineCasino.us is about learning with the added benefit of actually earning. Many players dedicate their time to gambling blogs and receive no financial rewards. Thus, this site is quite unique in what it does. How nice it is to learn and earn at the same time!

Lottery Game

If you think what's offered is already great, you'll be glad to find out there's more. Every day a lottery takes place with a $1,000 payout. You don't need to pay any money, just use your points. The cost is only 100 points. To play, you need to select 5 numbers between 1 and 45.

If you've selected 5 right pics, you'll win $1,000. With 4 correct pics, the payout is $50, and it goes to $20 for 3 correct pics. Finally, you can $5 for 2 right pics, and $1 for just 1 pic.

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