Simple Living High Thinking

Sometimes, you never know a small gesture or help to a person earn you a great mentor in your life. After all it its your luck that you identify this person and be in touch with them. Person I will talk about in this article is Hoshand Udwadia. I met him in 35 minutes bus journey in Pune. What happened is - I found a place to sit in bus but I looked around and offered a place to bit hassled and tired man of age 55. He sat their and later I also got place to sit beside him. He appreciated the way offered sit to elder one & encouraged me to do so. from their onwards he started sharing his experiences. Till that time I saw the world for 25 years but I felt I did not do anything with it. Helping someone is one good but what for our family and rest of others. How you can maintain your mindset to do this every time. His words in that journey brainwashed me big time. I will never forget this. He shared his contact details and asked me to come down to his office. Also offered me small freelance job for his personal consultancy. I then visited his office, met him at dadar station at 6 am and later in his home in Mumbai. Plus we had conversation on phone many times. Here is what I have learned from him
  • Every person who you talk or in touch with you teaches you something. Take good from it. Always be open to get new knowledge. If you happened to have chat with finance person you can always learn finance related techniques and tricks from them. They are best gurus.
  • Always have a faith in god who always look at us. If you do not believe in god but what good you do is better worship of god. Fasting for festivals, 2 times pooja's will never earn you Punya. We are humans, so follow humanity is what almighty wants. 
  • You will earn respect after doing and behaving good. You will never earn any respect if you are in good position and that position demands it. 
  • We are not going to take materialistic thing with us when we die. What we left is our good memories, our good deeds & a milestones which have earn you respect in family, friends & society.
  • You living will not decide your wealth. Your thinking should be higher.
It actually came into my mind because when I came across #madeofgreat by TATA Motors. for me Hoshang sir is made of great I know. He is middle class person but thinking is sky high. You really need to be lucky to have such people in your contact list.
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