My Wish To Study Abroad

I was surfing the net today and came across this site A question raised in my mind that if I am going to UK for studies then I probably not chose any boring technical, computer science subject which we can learn remotely too. It should be some different of my choice which I will really enjoy studying in cool and sexy whether of UK. Which subject it should be? Answer is simple to me. History. And I would like to study at either Oxford or Cambridge as these are big names & many 'Big' personalities studied here.

Why History?
Since childhood, I was very fascinated towards history. I used to listen carefully discussions of elders in home about history, on TV and on radio. Don't know how I attracted towards learning things in past. Yes, it is also a fact that history may or may not be accurate. No one has perfect evidences of incidents mentioned in history book. But I really like to study those ancient stories & imagine the life at past time.

I was not very clever student who used to got top scores in class. Even I used to ignore subjects and topics which I did not enjoyed. I liked to just sit like rock & quite in class. And in those subjects I used to study on only examination time & reach out to passing score. Upto 10th I had tendency to write exam paper for these subjects only till I feel I can score for passing and leave class in 2 hours max. I confess that my father once beaten me when I reach to home at 1pm of 11am to 2pm paper. That was madness. But I remember lots of teachers who taught some subjects like Marathi & History. I still remember every teacher who spoke about history, who were very narrative & animated while talking about history. Those classed is still recorded in my brain like CD player. I was very big fan of those teachers who taught be history that way. I read history books like any story books. And in 10th I scored out of marks in semester, just missed one mark for 'fill in the blank'. I remember syllabus for 10th history. First 5 lessons was about World War 1 & 2. After completed 10th with moderately good score I went on to read many history books that time.

Since now I have read many books in my native language Marathi. 80% books was of history subjects. I think history is like deep ocean where I enjoy deep diving, explore the world under water. I feel piece to think & learn about history. Hope I will get a chance to learn past just to relieve my hunger.
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