Arvind Kejriwal - A Big Fool

Since Yesterday, Arvind Kejriwal (CM of Indian Capital New Delhi) & AAP supporters help protest against false governance of home ministry of central government. Now think guys a CM come out and protest against something wrong. How many times you have seen or read this? My friend Amol Sale posted very nice lines about this scenario:

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal a greatest FOOL I saw.
Topped IIT and got comfy TATA job, but left that job and became IRS.
Left the job of IT Commissioner and started social activism.
His social activism made him CM. Other CMs purchase 200Cr Helicopter for them, this fool gave 200 Crores water and electricity to people.
Other CMs live in their ultra-modern bungalows and dictate orders from there, this fool CM is coming to road and fighting for good governance.
But I remember one Great Fool named steve jobs said:

Also this short article written in Hindi found on Twiiter:

I must say that we are really on the verge of big revolution. Since Congress started ruling India from 1947, we have seen problems like corruption, poverty, education, etc are not resolving. It's not that Congress has kept these problems as it is to hold on their election agenda but BJP & other opponent parties had failed to raise voice & make them to bring good governance. We have seen oppositions doing protests, bands, violence but they did not done something that Arvind Kejriwal & AAP is currently doing. Oppositions wants just seats & hold on government not what people of India want. Which means Congress and other parties also do not want India to be a peaceful, educated & developed country in all sides. They want similar problems to debate in every elections. Now in face of AAP new thought has emerged. Leader of AAP, Arvind Kejriwal is doing every right thing which any state leader must do. He is showing right direction to youth of India. He pushed himself into politics by leaving highly paid jobs and life luxuries. Before some years, we use to call politics as 'Gandi Daldal me kaun fasna chahta hai. Pagal log usme jaate hai jinke pass bahut paisa hai.' But none of this applies to Arivnd Kejriwal. he has set perfect example in front of Indian youth. We all should respond to him not just by praising his thoughts but to act upon what he is demanding from every Indian.

Simple question come into my mind for youth like me - Are you really want to keep governance as it is for your descendents? You really want your child go through problems you have faced because of these bastard government? Do you want government to use money taken from taxes for making scams like commonwealth, 2G scam, Aadhar card scam, coal-gate, etc? There are many questions which you should ask yourself before giving votes to people who did not deserve. At last you need good surrounding to your children to raise, educate & live life happily. Now it is the right time. I think god have sent a Super-Human, Super Indian like Arvind Kejriwal who kicked all luxuries of life & came forward for our service. Guys, think from your heart. This is perfect opportunity for all of us to bring perfect government which will make our descendents future peaceful.

You might have listen this dialog from movie Rang De Basanti - "Koi bhi desh perfect nahin hota ... usse behtar banana parta hai"

Lets support Arvind Kejriwal & make India perfect!!
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