Solar Conduction Dryer - Money Saver For Farmers

I was changing channels to watch good entertaining movies ans suddenly stuck when I watched a news on Marathi news channel. They were covering report on an innovative research project on Solar Conduction Dryer using which vegetables can be dried and preserve for future use. This project is very important & helpful for farmers as they now can reuse the waste vegetables to produce more innovative products. Also I learn about researchers of this project Vaibhav Tidke & Shital Somani who were studying in Institute of Chemical Studies (ICS) in Matunga. And I felt very proud to know that they have won Dell Social Innovation Challenge prize at the University of Texas in Austin.
Their invention of Solar Dryer will definitely going to play significant role in saving money of many farmers & provide them more opportunities in agri-business. 
Here is the link for new video 

Here are few advantages I learnt from this report. I hope you will share & let all people know about this. 
  • Vegetables becomes waste after 2 days. In that case farmers & retailers have to throw on streets. At least 30% vegetables get waste everyday. Now with this product they can use waste vegetables, fruits to prepare agri products. They have shown example of mango which dried, preserved & after months they made powder of it, then to make juice just by adding milk and water.
  • Solar dryer saves 40-45% power to dry vegetables as it use plastic to acquire solar power. A lady entrepreneur Mrs. Chheda from Vile Parle is using it & convinced that this product is helpful for farmers & agro business industry. 
  • Current prize of Solar Dryer is Rs. 15,000 & if this product get subsidize from government then it will cost Rs.8000 for buyers. Hope this will happen. 
  • This India made project will generate more bread and butter for youth. Housekeeper ladies also can show their entrepreneur skills & start small business. 
  • Use of Solar & saving power is big advantage of this project. This will inspire farmers to think more in innovative use of Solar Energy. 
I request all readers to share this post or any news related to Solar Dryer to let all know about this product so that all can take advantage of it.
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