Eat Good Stay Healthy

Monsoon days are really health testing for everyone including those who comes out of AC rooms and walk on streets. I am also suffering from severe health issues & visiting family doctor for consultation. Actually I am not against lovely rains and cool whether but I whenever a dark cloud start roaming in sky I feel depressed and defensive. And this year I landed in Mumbai. You can guess how people are surviving here in continuous drizzles.
Back to topic. Reason to write this post is to awake you all for our eating habits & how it will lead to ill health. Doctors tell us list of courses but we neglect all of them. But actually doctors expect this from us. We don't follow diet after 2-3 days & became again vulnerable to diseases.
I visited family doctor at my village Alephata. He is 65 old doctor having MBBS degree in old times. You can understand what actually old times means. That is he is very experienced & truly - a Doctor. When I narrated my health issues he started his 20 minute long speech. I cannot put all things in this article but I can put on main abstract of his speech. He gave me recipe ideas of at least 12-15 menus & salads. Narrated importance of eating only boiled vegetables, drinking milk by adding turmeric powder, etc etc. He also told his habits of eating since long time. Shocking thing for me was that he consume all type of veg non-veg food we young people used to eat. Like noodles, chinese fried rice, burger, pizzas, vada paav, Misal paav, everything. But he argued to eat plain cooked vegetable. We throw some part of vegetables after taking out required part but he argued to boil in cooker and eat with tomato saus or yogurt. After his speech he confessed that in his last 40 years of experience very less percentage of people followed diet and those who not followed regularly visiting his clinic. He was not happy confessing this.
Moral of the story is - we all have to rethink on our eating habits. Eating fruits, eating vegetables & proper diet can keep away clinic. And this more applies to those who are above 40 and diabetic.
I think it is better to eat good food and follow diet is more better than consuming 10 chemical tablets daily. Have a healthy monsoon!
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