Next Gen Chat With Heroes

Social networking - don't know exactly when it was started but we are now in generation where almost everyone is connected. Either on internet or telephony. Never imagined before 10 years that we will be able to text chat from handheld phone with one who sit in any corner of world. It was possible with computers but chatting from phone is something that is magical. Then time comes of facebook, orkut where people 'actually' connected to each other. This is another revolution where lots of old friends connected again, marriages became online via chat & even law got stronger where person who even 'Liked' the post sent to custody. Everything happening in social network world.

But what we can expect more. I think future is here with WeChat application. Their tagline suggests the similar lines "New way to connect". When I saw the Parineeti's advertisement, voice chatting with her boyfriend, I thought this is the future or next revolution in social network. Here is the link where you will find WeChat ads . I think they are looking promising & surely they will have more additions in upcoming years for smartphone users. No one knows may be you can do anything in real time with such application.

You can connect to anyone, anywhere on WeChat as they say. And as it happened with facebook where you connected to your idol, favorite actors, sportsperson, etc. I wonder, on WeChat if I connected to a group where all I wanted to chat at least once in life. I would like to chat with Nathuram Godse, Aravind Kejriwal, Marathi actor Lakshmikant Berde, Aamir Khan & Yuvraj Singh.

Nathuram Godse was the one who killed Gandhiji by revolvers from 5 feet distance. He was very calm guy as I saw him in one video. Also I read lot about him from various authors. A common thing written about him was he was well educated, calm & very intelligent. But he killed Gandhiji who was 79 year old walking with help of two ladies. I want to ask him on chat that have you thought of taking back gun when he saw he was killing 79 year old man besides thinking of killing Gandhi. Also I won't blame him as he had his own reasons. But he was the guy who changed the history. I wanted to talk with him about book, literature he read in his life.

It is possible to chat with Aravind Kejriwal but don't know how much time he may have. I want to in touch with him for simple reason -  want to know his vision for India, his plan to be active in politics (It is very good decision) & take advice from him, how to tackle with government as young voter & responsible Indian. Also I want to thank him to take part in politics which is right decision. This stance will help understand youth to take part in politics to change things practically. Not just liking and commenting on IAC posts.

Really want to chat with Lakshmikant Berde a.k.a. Lakshya (in Marathi). Since childhood I used to wait for Sunday evening just because of his movies. He was the funniest person I ever saw on TV. When he died in 2005 I couldn't ate that day. Really shocked to know he died due to over dose of alcohol. I want to ask him why would you consumed that much alcohol which caused his precious life. It was the lesson to me that alcohol can be such a bad thing which taken him away from fans like me. People say he was very funny in real life too. I want to discuss the art of making people happy around us. He was magical actor. When he cried in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun all audience were in deep sorrow.

As a fan of Aamir Khan, I enjoyed watching him in various avatars. He is bollywood's perfectionist. Why? Simple reason when he do film he gives his 100% to justify role. Remember that, 3 Idiots came after Ghajini. In Ghajini he earned 8 pack abs but in 3 Idiots he was looking like kid. Yes, it was camera effect but still to maintain your body in college student from healthy hero from Ghajini was perfect. Also I really like the way he came on small screen with Satyamev Jayate. He may have taken crores of rupees but it was for noble cause, for social benefit. I want to chat about his instinct to be such perfect guy. His social presence is such high that even Bill Gates wished to meet him & Time magazine displayed him in cover page. I want to take tips on how he manages all including movies & social service. Also I will taught him to speak not just Marathi but a proper village Marathi.

In today's era Yuvraj Singh is perfect example of bravery & courage. Because of him India managed to win 2 world cups. He is very casual guy like any other guy in small town who does nasty things to enjoy. But when he play and play for cause then he is very tough to beat. His commitment to cricket is outstanding. I was shock to know that he had cancer but I knew that he will come over it because he is a great fighter Indian cricket ever produced. His cancer was on high in 2011 world cup but he kept in his stomach & fought for India. I would like to get in touch with him to learn such toughness, fighting spirit. Also I want to share tips on how to get into test team. ;)

It is not possible to chat with people who are no more but I will definitely want to chat with 2 AK's & Yuvi. Lets hope next generation social application WeChat can make it possible to chat with such eminent people.

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