Kai Po Che - Much Needed Movie For Youngsters

Just finished watching 'Kai Po Che' and turned to write this blog post.

I have grown up watching movies, playing cricket & studying only favorite 'meaningful' subjects. I done this till 2010. In last three years I started skipping those movies which are having crap and non sense subjects or which are subject-less. I become very choosy and now I watch movie by earning time for deserving movies. My friends always laugh at me when I tell them I didn't watch Rawdee Rathore, Bol Bacchan, Bodyguard, Dabangg 2, Ek Tha Tiger, Ra One, etc. As days passed, I realized that watching movies is like reading books on your favorite topic. And in our Indian education system we learn lessons from books. We became educated & we call our-self mature after reading books. Yes.. watching movies is also reading book for 2 hours now. At least to me.

I never read any book of Chetan Bhagat because before reading it his book transformed into movie. So why should I spent time reading his books. But I want to thank Chetan to write this story & many thanks to Abhishek Kapoor to direct this movie in such a beautiful way & given full justice to Chetan's subject. We have seen 4-5 movies in last 13 years about only friends. Like Dil Chahta Hai, 3 Idiots, Rang De Basanti, Rock On. Now this list surely has Kai Po Che. This movie is much needed for this generation & released right before one year of elections 2014. Reason to say that is - youth will play very crucial part in deciding government if they come out of vote with open ethical mind. India's future will be depend on 2014 elections & elections results will depend on only majority of young blood who will chose their government.

Kai Po Che puts real picture in front of audience. It may possible that all people will not agree on real part but at least this movie shows glimpses of real picture of politics. Subject of film is perfectly clear to people who love to watch such meaningful movies. I heard lots of shit reviews from friends who like dumb brain movies. Poor people who do not understand such movies, may be not grown fully I can say.

About acting of 3 actors. They all were awesome. But I like Sushant Singh Rajput who held the master key of whole story in hand. This movie definitely get him rewards to put in showcase.

Best thing I like about this movie was two friend get reunited after India beat Australia after accepting follow on in 2001 test match. I was similarly jubilant after winning that match. And same happiness is very well used in Kai Po Che. Indian is cricket loving country. People forgets their all sorrow moments after winning matches & same pulse is held by movie makers.

Urge of Ishaan to push Ali into bigger cricketing stage is very highlighting part of movie. Around that politics, love are perfectly woven by director. I think Kai Po Che is an eye opener movie for youngsters. Everyone should watch this. There is lot to learn from movie. I hope I could have watched it in cinema hall.

Again I say Kai Po Che is much needed movie for youngsters who spend their valuable time for chewing nuts & gesturing on screens with finger tips.

Hoping to see more such movies in upcoming year.
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