Games Making Children's Life Like A Game

Came across very bad news today & got recalled to my personal oppose to video games, handgames. Before this incident I was thinking that Video games & hand games causes kids to some sort of brain locks & due to which they spent lot time in their life just playing games. Even I see many people in 30's & 40's playing games on their smartphone whole day. Isn't that toom much addictive?

I don't understand how parents ignore this fact that your children will not stand for minute in growing population & competition in every industries if he continue playing games. Whether you spend huge amount of money on their education they may not get cross barriers that you set already. I don't say children should not play games but there should be a limit. Parent should also show them other activities which will help them nourishing kids personality and wisdom. This is one fact. Other is to satisfy children's 'Gaming' needs parents buy them low cost electronic games without verifying standards. An incident which makes me write this blog post caused a life of 5-6 year old kid who was playing hand game & it suddenly blast in hand. All parts of device thrashed the skin of little kid & due to blood overflow he died in hospital. It's sounds heart breaking but when we act instead of showing condolences to unfortunate event. Media published this news to aware all parents from such incidents but we are just taking it news and do nothing. And yes if you cannot buy good, verified costly gaming devices then please don't enforce habit of playing games to your child. There are many other activities which can entertain your child plus nourish creativity skills. If you couldn't find any other activities just go in past and see what you have done when there was no electronic games at all.

Take care of your child. Lets not games make your child's life like a game.

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