Sundeep Waslekar - An Inspiring Youth Icon

Sundeep Waslekar (President, Strategic Foresight Group)
It was a mid of March 2011. I regularly used to go to my friend Manoj's agri-tourism site for hang out and engaged in serious social issues that common man faces. That day we both were discussing about various iconic personalities who were belongs middle class and did great job in their life and career. He already had shared one or two books of such authors. After chat, he offered me to read a book Eka Dishecha Shodh. I must confess that before that time I never heard the name Sundeep Waslekar. Never heard any of his stories. I read that book traveling in city buses and became a huge fan of him. I googled his name, sent friend request on facebook and digg all web to know about him. After all I found that he is an extra ordinary personality who landed to Oxford University after writing article on global economy. That was the most striking part. There are reasons for it. There was no easy resources like internet to study whole lot of stuff about any of topic. He may had to read many news papers, books & study many financial reports. How could he have been managed? Also sitting in sub urban town like Dombiwali and thinking about global economy was also astonishing. But had to say it as a luck. The Dombiwali boy conquered and now became the leading face of India in global peace process who is consulting more than 50 countries for their development strategies. It's just an amazing!!

Fortunately I got an opportunity to interact with him twice. He has cleared that reason to write the book Eka Dishecha Shodh was to give direction to youth of India towards growth. Growth in their thinking and country. Currently India is directionless. He asked youth of India to take concrete steps to lead India to become a developed nation. Sundeep Waslekar ji is expecting that - there are many resources now using which young blood can use it to help India to make Great country not a powerful country. The world is going to change in few years. There will be two sectors on which all development will be based; Philosophy & Technology. Technology will reach to sky high in upcoming years. But philosophy will play role how technology will be used. Because if it is used insanely all world will going to die in 50-60 years.

Sundeep Waslekar is inspirational iconic personality that India have. Sundeep Waslekar is India's real wealth & icon for youth.

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Awesome personality ! You are lucky man !