Why to Boycott India Pakistan ODI series?

When I heard Justice Katju claimed that 90% Indians are idiots, I was really delighted at least someone like him come forward to show we Indians that how much we are backward. We are backward in every area where countries like America, Britain, Japan are ahead. Delhi rape case shows that we are backward in giving family values & proper education. Commonwealth scam, olympic humiliating kick shows that we have elected most corrupt people in center. Our county is lead by a tragic figure Manmohan Singh (Read article here) who is now 80 years old & still proving to be a good leader for 8 years. This is ridiculous. We are far more behind in global scenarios.

And now adding to this government is now trying to patch up with pakistan. They say we are discussing with pakistan to create peace in subcontinent. I remember India's government trying patching up from the time of I.K.Gujral who attempted this. After that pakistan sent troops in kargil and forced a war. We have seen terrorist attack on India's parliament 7 many attacks from 2000 to 2011 on Mumbai. 2008 attack was a war between 10 fully loaded & trained terrorists & helpless police who fought & died. More than 200 people lost their lives & still we are not reacting to this so called patch up with pakistan.

CST, Mumabi after 26/11 attack.

BCCI is also became the congress government's unofficial department where they can use cricket for political purpose. And through BCCI they have invited pakistan to India for 3 ODI series. I think this is big insult of martyrs & innocent people who died in terrorist attacks in recent times. India still not received any co-operation from pakistan in war against terrorism. They still not handed over hafeez saeed who is master mind behind the 26/11 attack. India's most wanted criminal dawood ibrahim is living great life in pakistan and pakistani government making fun of India's claim that he reside karachi. Still we are inviting these terrorists to play cricket. I think Congress is proving justice katju false that not only 90% Indians are idiots but 100% Indians can be fooled. We should boycott this ODI series against pakistan. I request all people not to follow the match scores, do not watch on TV & protest against government/ODI series on social media.

Also Indian players also need to get back from this ODI series against pakistan. It will be hard to declare boycott for players but they have to do if they are true Indians and respect lost lives in terrorist attacks. And the big name so called god have declared that he is ready to play against pakistan in ODIs. Is this is your god? I sware if he play against pakistan then he need to get throw out of Mumbai. I ask why your god cannot protest for his home soil. Why not he ask BCCI to stop this non sense? He should learn from his senior Sunil Gavaskar who already slammed the decision to invite pakistan in India. The whole India team should boycott the series against pakistan. I was expecting at least one voice from Indian team against this.

My words- if India plays against pakistan then surely Indians will proved idiots. We people should boycott the series by not giving TRP's, not buying tickets & not pursuing match scores. We have to boycott for the respect of innocent peoples & martyrs who lost their lives in terrorist attacks by pakistan.
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