Khaki Criminals & Monstrous Government

Salute to Delhi people the way they have responded to rape case. They have shown world that we are not going to tolerate more humiliations which make Delhi to be called 'capital of rape crime'. I have seen people from all ages participated in historic protest. But I am very much disturbed to see that the way police is following every bull sheet order of Sheila Dixit government. Don't you have brains? If you have a wooden rod in your hand and khaki on body, will you be called a unhuman police who is so called protectors. They were more looking like criminals who raped that girl. I saw many women were dragged brutally into police vans. Saw a picture where policeman was hitting girls back with water showers which is also come under woman molestation case. Is that Sheila wants to do with woman? If Sheila Dixit did not come forward & act against what happened then she is no more a woman.

Police was such a bustards who were very insensitive while hitting everyone. They have beaten people including all ages. Don't they have families? Will they beat their own mother, grand mother & father?

I don't understand how these khaki goons cannot even think once while lifting their rod against innocent people. They are really a monsters. After watching these pics respect to the khaki vardi has got lesser.

Delhi rape case and protest against government is wake up call for voters in India. We all have to vote and vote to non-corrupt, young & educated politicians to set up government who can listen to you and act accordingly. It's only our responsibility to elect strong government. We have done big mistake to elect these bastards in 2009. We should be aware that these monsters did not come back in government again. 

I consider this action against protesters as another brutal rape on democracy. And wandering how this government is still in stable phase. Why not this government not yet stepped down? This is ridiculous monstrous government we have imagined while reading stories.

Please see below photo in which a same officer is molesting woman by hitting them everywhere. I request all readers to share this photo & ask Sheila to do action on him.

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