Invite all facebook friends to event, page, group & ask question

This may be the facebook drawback or anything they are not allowing facebook users to invite all friends to event, group, page in one shot. One of my client has 5000 friends and I wanted to ask questions to all of them in single shot. When I learn that I would have to select each of my friend then like all other net geeks do a google search. I did it and found many links which were saying them full proof method to invoke all friends. But at last after so many trials with various methods I found google chrome plugin which do this job very easily. You just have to install it to chrome browser then open up all friends list in facebook pop up friends list window, then click on action button in chrome tools bar. That's it! It takes bit time but it works.

Plugin URL is

Step by step method is added in video with this plugin. You have to watch video carefully and implement it.
Check out the video

It's possible that many people know this trick already. I think is pretty much worth to share to people who still not aware. If you liked and used this trick, you can comment to this post.   
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