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ClubHack Magazine - First Indian Hacking Magazine
Many people asking or asked me in the past about how to make career in computer hacking & forensics. Are their any specific courses, books & institutes where any one can get certification and look out for an exciting job in hacking with security agencies and companies. There are many institutes & certification courses are now available. But I would like to suggest them to keep updated with ClubHack Magazine where I work as webmaster.

ClubHack Magazine is First Indian Hacking Magazine in India which publishes in soft copy, you can download it freely from ClubHack Magazine covers many assets in computer, network security field under their sections

Tools Gyan - articles about tools used in computer forensics, network/port scanning, and many which are mainly used for security purposes. Previously many tools are covered like SQLMap, echo mirage, SniffJoke, Armitage,  

Tech Gyan - Here you will read articles about computer security technologies either newly introduced in market or past technologies with more details. Past articles posted about rooting in android, facebook hacking, GSM hacking, javascript botnets, cloud security, honeypots, phishing and many more.

Mom;s Guide - This is very useful & helpful section for newbies who wants to learn basics in computer network security and hacking. I recommend all aspiring learners should read each and every article published in the past. This section will definitely set you to exciting security field.

Legal Gyan - This is another very important & useful section for the peoples and techies who wants know about legal aspects related to crime committed in computer networks & internet. This section covers many Indian law codes by which a cyber criminals can be punished.

Matriux Vibhag - Matriux is a GNU/Linux Ubuntu/Debian based Security Distribution designed for Penetration Testing and Cyber Forensic investigations(WIKI). This section gives more details about tools, techniques used for penetration testing & cyber forensics.

Code Gyan - This is new and amazing section for programmers, coders and testers. It has just published single article yet (local file inclusion). But this will come up with very good article, tutorials for developers in upcoming magazine issues.

My motive to write this post is to aware people about ClubHack Magazine where we are putting efforts to literate people about computer & network security. As use of computer technology is increasing considerably in all aspects of human life commerce, education, business etc. security becoming more and more important to take into account. People must be aware of the latest updates in cyber forensics, computer & network security issues & vulnerabilities and ClubHack Magazine is doing the same.   
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