An example of humanity kept by Gautam Gambhir

Just remembering. After Indian cricket team won the world cup in April 2011. Every player of team was expressing their happiness with media. I checked many news papers, read team players views after winning world, all were typical notes. But I remember a man who actually made me think a lot. Gautam Gambhir who scored mighty 97 in grand final; expressed a very emotional & thoughtful view. He narrated to a Marathi news paper Sakal. I dont remember the exact words. But I wrote in way he gave interview.
He said "After final match we were going to hotel by bus. Both lanes of street from stadium to hotel was filled with people who were greeting us & celebrating. I was looking out of the bus and noticed a group of very poor families was celebrating very hard, cheering & congratulating us. I saw a very much joy on their faces. I don't know they had dinner or not, they have good food or not. But they were looking like they got very precious gift from us, a world cup. They were dancing on streets by forgetting hunger in their stomach. After reaching to hotel I sent good food to their area, so they can have some food also "
This is what we expect from human to think as human. I salute to Gambhir to think in this way. It is very touching example of humanity. If everyone start thinking like this no one will sleep without having food.
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