Eka Dishecha Shodh - A Message to Indian Youth

Three months back, one of my friend gave me a book called "Eka Dishecha Shodh" (Hunt for a direction). When I started reading that book, I never know that I am living in country where everything is messed up, we are not in the specific direction of growth.
    Author of that book Mr. Sandip Waslekar written his experiences across many countries in the world. He asked the youth of India to think, act and aware the situation in India as compare to other countries.
    Author plotted some striking aspects that we all people must pay an attention in upcoming years. He suggested improvements in mindset of each indivisual in country (which is almost impossible...). Everyone farmers, government employees, politicians, workers and all people should partcipate in growth of country. We will responsible to situation is going to come in upcoming years.
    Many factors are really thoughtful in this book. Like, India China relationship is going to be harden as days are passing. Author described that what makes china to dilute peace in India. From this factor, we come to know why India have to act wisely in each step of world politics. The problem between India and China can be lead to a third world war.
    Politicians in India are treated like a god. Politicians in other countries are servants of people and in India this is completely different. Government spends lots of public money to provide high class facilities to politicians. Author gave example of britains ex president Tony Blair. When he completed his years in service as prime minister of UK, he travelled to his city via train like other normal citizen. No high class facilities is provided to him after his retirement from politics. His family members are living like other middle class families. In contrast, once our politician grabs a seat, they start to involve their own family members in politics.
    Lots of aspects have been explained in this book. I could not write each one. I suggest you all to read this book and open your eyes before time gets passed.
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