Disaster after glory, what next?

Finally test ranking of Indian cricket is down. People in India who follows cricket are in dilemma situation. Whether to enjoy recent World cup championship glory or to think about how performance fall down. But loosing test ranking and lost series 3-0 is just unacceptable for fans in India.
Before start of this series fans were expecting that Sachin will hit 100th century in 2000th test of test cricket at Lords. laxman also announced that century at lords will be special. So fans expected a lot from team including dhoni who is captain of world cup victorious team and IPL winner team in same year. But fans are hugely disappointed by a one man who is totally failed in england, Sachin. This is never happened in his career that at very reputed test series he doesn't scored. Dravid as usual back in form with a bang, but a lonely fight is never gets paid in tough pitches in england.
To me the reason for this poor performance by Indian team is lack of planning before highly reputed series, lack of communication between team seniors and NEW COMERS (?Dhoni, Raina, Mukund), over hype/overconfidence of top spot in test ranking. team must understand this thing that they are all playing for the country not for their IPL team or club. Indian fans always wants victory in all matches team plays. But it not happens all the time. But fans can expects a great fight from team members. At least one test can be drawn by showing huge courage of staying on pitch for 2 days and that was quite possible for the current squad who have batsmen like Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, Gambhir and Sehwag.
Now this year is going very dramatic. Lots of ups and downs have seen by the players and crickets fans. After this test series team India have to fight with Australians on their own soil which is very difficult. Between this time I hope team selector can find good players to fill places in test squad. And it has to happen so that every test team member must get signal, if they dont play a thrown out policy will be apply. Lots of Mumbai ranji team players are waiting for a call from Indian team. Ganguly himself confessed while TV commentary about injustice to Mumbai ranji players.
But all people, lets not get negative about the team performance. In, past we were in such kind of situation(dhoni did not know..:) ) when team India is affected by match fixing and defeat in 2007 world cup. After that we all know what our team did. We have to support them and trust their abilities. But team has to show some fight now at least in last test.
Hoping for the best, hoping for a change. Happy Independence day!!
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