The Anna Hazare Remedy for Corruption

Anna Hazare wins the battle for India. It is historic moment for India. It is new revolution in India. Feels like we again got independence after 64 years. Now the world knows that Indian youth and all the people have not slept and we have that fighting streak against corruption. It is the punch by people to non-sense government who repeatedly doing illegal activities under their own shelter.
Many Indians with One Voice
Personally, I never seen 100 crore Indian people stood up and raised their voice to support Anna Hazare to fight with government to pass lokpal bill. It may happened in the past. But after world cup win celebrations we gathered together to fight against corruption. Which means that we can celebrate cricket win as well as we can do same against corruption. This is India I want to see.
Non Violent Movement
Good thing about this movement was in whole India the movement was non violent. It was clean and at the same loud shout by people of India to stop making fun of democracy. Never heard these two motto's Bharat Mata ki jay and Vande Mataram other than 2-3 days in year. This time it was against maligned government. Before this movement, we have seen violence to knock the doors of government. But India silently supported Anna and added extra force to historic revolution.
Anna Hazare is Hero for India
Yes, this is the fact Anna Hazare is the new real hero for India. We have studied and heard a lot about past freedom fighters who fought against British. But Anna and all Indian people shown the practical movement that we only imagining in past. Someone asked that Anna Hazare deserves Nobel for this effort. The one who awakes 120 crore Indians must deserve it. Presently no one in the world have that much power to touch the heart of millions.
Revolution replacing old trends
This revolution lead by Anna was very much effective which can now possible replace old trends we occasionally followed. Now Some words in daily routine can be change. Gandhi Giri will be replaced with Anna Giri.(New film concept for Rajkumar Hirani or remake of Lage Raho Munnabhai) and Gandhi Topi will be definitely replaced by Anna Topi.
In my opinion, (I posted on my facebook wall...) "Simple way to resist corruption, Gandhi's photo must be replaced with Anna Hazare from Indian currency. At least, when exchanging notes corrupt person can see Anna's photo and think once."
What After this?
After this revolutionary fight, we all people must have to be responsible and do not accept or involve in any act of corruption. If we do it again and again our decedents can face a big harm in future. Government system is choked already let consolidate remedy for corruption and fix current situation as soon as possible.

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i don't think lokpal will solve everything, till we change our attitude towards corruption, bribery... *chalta hai* is what we all are used to....a bill will not fix all the does have its flaws, which i hope people read, understand and acknowledge before blindly following the herd mentality...