Polygraph test for politicians.....is my demand

         A typical middle class day starts… newspaper boy arrives and throws newspaper into balcony….we picks it up read the first headline and whispers “Is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta!! Politics ne is desh ko khokla bana diya hai..” It happens everywhere, from small towns to metro cities. Everyone criticizes politics and politicians. Everyone is furious about the way Indian democracy lead to comic & idiotic system. We all know root of problems like corruption is politicians. But no one have remedy on this.
        I saw a show Sach Ka Saamna last year on TV and thought we can use technology polygraph test using lie detector machine on MLA’s and MP’s when electing them with big votes. We can use this technology when these guys takes oath in front of states and country about their tasks and duty towards their at least conspiracy. We can use this technology when electing as minister for each of the department. We can use this technology for prime ministers as well when all MP’s elects their leader in front of nation.
       You might think that what and which questions need to ask to each MP’s and MLA’s. Hmmm.. I have one solution. We should form a government system which will gather all information about candidate from their schools to police station records. Also make report about each candidate and with the help of experienced IIT or university professors set question for each candidate. Questions will ask in front public and lie detector machine should show results on TV as well as like election announcements. Results and main points in polygraph test must be published on websites and will be displayed in newspapers. Candidates who scored more means who is more clean must be shortlist for Prime minister or chief ministers position. And most importantly if candidates exam is 100 marks then he must score to pass more than 90% to be eligible for role of MP or MLA. I think 90% is fair as these jobs are even more given to responsible and good hands.
I know, at most ground level its not possible. But at higher level like Loksabha and Rajyasabha it looks possible. For MP’s this test must be passed compulsorily. If it happens then we will definitely see how our nation get develops in all sectors. Good people and good technology may bring good politics…. 
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Really good suggestions.
Many things are worth trying. It should reach upto proper people.
Unfortunately our leaders are sitting their strongly and I doubt if they will pass such bill in parliment.

September 5, 2010 at 7:34 AM delete

I strongly recommend your demand to weed out corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, officials etc. In fact such machines should be installed in all CBI, Police stations and Lokayukta offices.

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