Once Upon a time in Mumbai

          After 3 idiots bollywood directors went to sleep for a long time. Big banners wasted their money on buying and selling CHOCOLATES(Shahid and Ranvir). They forgot audiences flavour. Most Indian audience loves spicy bhelpuri instead of burgers and pizza's. I think after watching Milan Luthria's 'Once upon a time in Mumbai' audience enjoyed spice again. I dont know about all enjoyed it or not. But I am sure most of bollywood movies fans taasted it.
        What a film! I am shocked to see very good script and even better performance from bollywood's two underdog stars Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi. Like Sachin speaks with his bat with his criticisers, Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashimi does same with those who things no one is eligible in bollywood for best actor every year. Ajay Devgan won national award 2 times for Zakhm and The legend of Bhagatsingh so he doesnt need to proove anything more. But I was amazed to see Emraan Hashmi also have potential to make most of opportunities. He grabbed with his both hands and made gold out of it.
          About story of this film, if you want to know how peaceful Mumbai becomes violent center of crime then this film is worth to watch. Film is about two crimina ls. One who loves Mumbai more than anything and one who loves his dreams more than Mumbai's peace and cleanness. Films message is crystal clear that we get at the end of film and make us to think deeply.
        At the end I will suggest big banners must quit wasting money buying and selling CHOCOLATES and put their money on such thoughtful films (like New York).
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