How to get rid of long your blog address using free domain?

Today I am giving you a valuable gift. A useful one for sure.
Here it is. I hope you all started your own blog and distributing among your friends on internet via email or signature etc. You started loving writing, accepting reader comments, reviews on articles. You are now habitual of blogging and enjoying it all. But you may be amused with one thing about your blog address which is too longer to tell, write to other people. it looks awkward. Something like or or similarly on wordpress platform
You may be surely want some short adress like, But it needs money to buy it and administration is another difficult part for new bloggers and internet users.
I have a solution to it. Visit and register
After registration log in to your account. Click on 'Getting a new domain', then choose and search your desired domain, if available then click on 'continue to registration'. Then select domain forwarding option. Now in fill the details about your blog address. Press OK. will take some hours to setup your domain. Then check that you got your free domain or not.
I hope my article works for you or for help you can take help from site.
I think you will find this article very useful. If it did then please comment.
Contact me if you have any query.
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