Critical condition of Education system in Maharashtra

Recently I visit small town in Thane district Titwala, well known for Ganapati temple. As it is well known for good hospitalization and as is attached to Mumbai, Mumbaikars frequently visit this place to get blessed by Ganapati. I was expecting everything hare will be well managed and clean like temple. But the fact was very worst. I got shocked when I saw one school which have two branches. One is big classic school building surrounded by residential apartments, small ground and very dirty environment. As these are rainy days, most of the ground is covered by dirty water which came from urinals from residential area. A really very dirty smell of that slum is disturbing. I saw another branch of that school which is only for some standards. That branch of school is even dirtier than one before, situated on road side slum. You enter in class by crossing dirty urinal water tunnel each time. What a bull sheet! How these people can tolerate this kind uncleanness? Did they know what is mean by school. I saw classrooms their. No power supply, very dark classrooms, mosquitoes biting students, slum water is stored on small ground, this kind of very unhygienic stuff around class room. Oh I never saw school like this before. I thing these people forget that school is nursery or temple where students are flowers and teachers nourishes them to produce fragrance in world. I really felt very sad for those who studying in that school. I wish school organization body must understand and isolate this unhygienic environment as soon as possible. Each small child have right to get educate in well nourished environment. I know it is not possible to provide all essential facilities in some areas. But we should at least provide them a good clean environment and hygienic surroundings.
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Pathetic no doubt. But this is the scenario of the education system of India.

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