Watch this this guy closely named Mangesh hadawale in this video. Sorry readers, I have all his videos speaking Marathi. The reason behind posting this video is that I thought he may be another new revolution in Indian film industry for sure. His last film was in Marathi called Tingya. He shown life of Indian farmer( in west region of India) in very descriptive and effectively. As this film is in Marathi, its possible that most of the Indians cannot understand how descriptive it was. But you can see the deepness of thought by mangesh. Very critical issue was handled by him in that film. I like that film because it was very very touching and dialogs are written in root level. If you know Marathi you will understand what I want to say.
His next film is Dekh Circus in Hindi. This is his first film in Hindi. And I am very curious about this film that what next he is portraying without changing his style of making films and how he makes us to think about his film. You can also see this video. He was chosen MTV's youth icon in 2008-09
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