"Ek Din Bit Jayega, Maati Ke Mol Jag Mein Reh Jayenge Pyare Tere Bol"

Emotional atyachaar, what a song! In this era of life we all are patients of this unseen disease. This is kind of disease we can only feel and share with our loved ones who are emotionally attached to us. Like mother, father, sister, brother and close friend. We share our tense feeling. I think for most of us we are emotionally attached towards our family. Especially our mother and father. But what about those people who don’t have family? They are alone in this world. They don’t know their belongings and many of blood relations.
I have different story to tell you, about a guy who has mother & brother. I don’t want to expose his name. I name him a Majid. This was happened in 2002 when I was in junior college. He was well known in class because of his short, thin and athletic body. He used his by-cycle to come to college from 13km long for 2 years. I first met him in vocational classes conducted in college. Mostly we speak about what to achieve in life and what different we can do in our career and philosophical issues like this. He became my very good friend in 2 months. He was really happy, aggressive, very emotional and impatient guy. He was always excited about scientific inventions. He was such a happy that time, then I was thinking he must have very happy family background. But things were different.
Suddenly one day at 7:30 pm he called me and ask me to come to meet him. I was shocked because we stay in village and in evening everybody reaches at home before sunset. And he was out of his village which was 13 km from my village. I eagerly went to meet him to spot where he was waiting for me with small cloth bag in his hand. He looked to much tense that time. Worriedly I ask him where you are going Majid, any tension. He told me that he is going to Pune. I then asked when you are coming. He answered “in few days”. Then I said you must have some problem and you are not wishing to share. Suddenly bus came and as he move towards bus I saw tears in his eyes. I ran and pull towards side as he reaching to bus door. I put my hand on his shoulders and said if I am your good friend then you have to tell what happened to you. I still remember his words and emotions come out of his throat. He started crying like a small child. I again forced him to tell. Then he told me that he has no father since childhood. His mother earn money by working in others houses. Their only family income is only earned by mother. He has one brother who only passing his time with his friends and making mother to cry every day because of his wild behavior. I asked why are you then leaving your home. He told me that my brother is not earning money and my mother bearing so much pain. He sometimes beats my mother if she didn’t give him money to spend. I want to reduce her pain by earning money in Pune. I will do what ever work which earns me good amount of money. I cant see her like this. She is alone and I want to help her by earning money.

As he told I also felt really sad for him. I hugged him and still he was crying. He was very emotionally depressed. I was very happy that he shared his depression and came to me before attempting this drastic step of leaving house. We all know the world which is very cruel to those who is not emotionally and mentally strong. His step might results in anything bad. After all this me and my another close friend Mohsin took him to his house and told him to ask for any help if he come across any kind problems. Me and Mohsin met his mother and told a whole story. She felt very sad about Majid’s  step of leaving house for money. We all wish him to study hard and become what he wanted to be. And today, after 8 years he achieved his target of being professor. He cracked very difficult exam to become a teacher. His earning good salary. He is very famous in our area as a chemistry professor.
After listening song “Emotional Atyachaar”, I remembered emotional atyachaar on him enforced by situation. He came out of this and become what he wanted. We all face this “Emotional Atyachaar” in our life but we should not to loose to situation. We have to fight against it… and keep remember a song
“Ek Din Bik Jayega, Maati Ke Mol
Jag Mein Reh Jayenge Pyare Tere Bol”
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