Mumbai Attack- After one year

One year is completed today after Mumbai attack. Mumbai attack was now just on Mumbai but it was on whole India as well. Every bullet fired by cruel Pakistanis was on Indian. My eyes get filled with tears when I remember those 3 days. Everything was on hold that time. I completely was out of focus from study.
But after one year I am not really satisfied by whatever happening in Mumbai court. They are taking lot much time for an expected result. Every Indian is now furious like me about outcome of Mumbai attack case. Every Indian wants kasaab & all other Pakistani terrorists to be hang up at great Gate way of India and show the world that we are not gong to tolerate anything attack like this against innocent Indian people.
Every drop of all martyrs blood asking us what justice done with their family. I salute all the martyrs of gave away their life to save thousands of lives of Indians. I feel very sad when pictures at CST, Nariman house, Taj & Trident comes in my mind. I expect justice needs to given to their souls.
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