Taranuum still uncovered

After one and half years Tingya released, Sharad Goyekar still making Tingya alive in awards ceremonies. National award winner getting all praises from all over India for his great achievement. Everyone is now curious about this ‘Small town wonder’. All the news channel & other media giving him hype he deserves. But all in this process we are forgetting about one cute little girl Tarannum Pathan who played Rasheeda (Tingya’s friend in movie). A 13 years old, studying in 8th standard is still uncovered to public who done brilliant acting with Sharad Goyekar in movie Tingya. As we know Tingya is central character on which film is based and played by Sharad Goyekar. So, it may be natural we remember Sharad in this movie. But on contrary we should not forget about outstanding performance by Tarannum. Sharad was selected to play character of Tingya from 1200 boys in audition; Tarannum also was selected from 900 girls.

On interview with her she looked positive, Tarannum said “I want to be an actress & I will take more efforts for it”. She looked more positive, but a bit amazed with injustice with her. Now she is hoping for getting recognition from audience & making gold of next opportunities to come.

Tarannum is not recognized by media for her role. I hope she will get covered by media & get recognized by people as well….

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