New York

Good film are those which make you think,entertain you& get value for money you spent.Films are not just film we have to learn from film & its justified after watching New York.Thank You Yash Chopra for using your valuable money to make this great movie 'New York'.I dont know when I will see it back ,but one thing is sure that everyone who saw this movie will make thier brain to think on this issue and feel some sympathy for those who were accused as suspects of 9/11 attack & get detented & tortured.Before watching this movie I was really aware of this issue.I never thought on this topic,never discussed.But after watching 'New York' some closed doors are get opened.I got wide open mind to look at such issues seriously.What is terrorism I understand now.How terrorists can be produced.But still one question is unanswered in this movie.which is"Is FBI is responsible for borning such terrorists which are actually very secular & peaceful people?".6 US people killed in 26th november attack in Mumbai? America is concerned with only 6 not with 1200 whose life becomes hell after painful torture.
As a movie director kabeer khan provided very new look at this 9/11 attach on WTC New York.
On start of this film,for the first time I was dreaming to study in US,living such cool life over thier,hang on decsiple streets with satisfactory calmness in my mind.But as the film progressed I was very disappointed with watching side effects of being south asian.Its not about relegion.But still it disturbed me a lot.Then I come to previous point to stay in my own country & make it better like or more than US, UK like.
This movie does not put sympathy to support terrorism.Director shown what happened if chose dirty way to disturb their peaceful life.Technically film is outstanding.I saw four stars for this movie everywhere which is quite acceptable.Subject is handled brilliantly.Very few time spent other than subject.Start to end it make it to stick to suspance about characters coordination with story.Some guesses might correct.Actually 70 percent had predicted the end of film after interval.First time I loved to watch katrina acting with her original voice.Very less characters & strong script may be the formula to success of this film.Like Wednesday this formula get justified.
Songs looked necessary for me.Music & background was 8.5 out of 10.Overall I am thankful to Yach Chopra production to create this venture.I hope they will put their money on such projects in future.Now I am waiting for next Kabeer Khan movie.
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