Congrats Roger!!!!!!!

Tennis to me is game which is really hard to play.How players adjust thier shots on various courts? How could one make service to right spot they want to target? on TV screen it looks easy. But from very down & horizonatal angle,delivering a shot is bit difficult. It gets difficult to beat our opponent. From all of these problems to me,I think Roger Federer looks great guy to me to win 15 grand slam in 6  years span. Its really hard to maintain consistency in your performance when you at peak spot of your career. Roger Federer have beaten previous tennis champion Pete Sampras who won 14 grand slams in more than 10 years of his career. 
Moreever I think when I saw the game between Roddick and federer I was really amazed by only one fact that they both are totalloy calm and composed and looking very steady while playing thier shots on court. I was jumping when Roger Federer was playing his shots,because personally I want he wins this time. It was tight game.His opponent put great challenge to Roger to win Wimblden unexpectedly.I was so impressed with roger federer that he remained calm until he sure of victory. That's the quality may be most important for every sportsman. Remain calm and steady is key to victory is really proved with his game. I see M.S.Dhoni also carries himself calmly throught all the matches and in various situations. Dhoni never get excited also after winning important matches.He may just tell self that " be cool dude,we have lots of challenges in front of us,dont get excited." I think we have also follow this stratergy in our life as well.
Finally we have to learn from sportaman like Roger Federer and Dhoni that keeping mind cool and calm is first step you have to follow to get succed.
Congratulation Roger Federer for his great success!!!  
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