My dear old benchmate...Nilesh

This video you can see on youtube is made by friend Nilesh Divekar. Somewhere in my busy life I  forgot this my dear friend .We share one bench from class 6th to 9th, four long years.I remember those days when any lecture is off or sir getting late to come to classroom,Nilesh used to portray something on his notebook.He was also carry drawing books with him.I remember a Chalie Chaplin like drawing he created. He was a mad about his drawing. That time I was not good at drawing ,but he was genious. I never ever drawn single paiting in my drawing book.He used to give me ideas for problem given by sir and I forward it to my Aai (Mother). As we was small brain buddies,but I was thinking that time that he will become topmost personality in his own art. Personally I saw very few artist like him who was solely dedicated to thier hobbies and interests. I grew in such environment where guys thought in their own specific way.


Later after 10th we followed completely different ways in our career. We both got first class. In that time first class means you are eligible to take science faculty easily.I chose science straightly. But this man.....ohhhh.........he get Art. I thought he had not taken good decision to take art and playing with his career. But he was very confident at his own mind. Now he is at his place where he wants to be.
I think we are not following our own brain & heart while taking career decisions,we follows flow which world traditionally follows.  
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