"Simple living high thinking"

In my life I yet to meet different personalities with different attitude,but here I am with Pundalik Dhumal, a man with lots of things with him to express to the world.I met this person 2 years before on dinner at my friend's home.When I saw him I ask my friend that is he your friend belongs to some remote part ? Then my friend introduced me with him that he is director & and mention their previous work. I was just amazed that how simple man can reach such height.He was internationally acclaimed director for his short film ' Dharma Ramoshi '. 
After that we met occasionally on events.That time he was busy with his marathi movie 'Tinhisaanja'. I & he now are good mates I lived with him at his house to assist him for Tinhisaanja. In these days I found very strange thing with this man that he never ever stops doing his work.i agree that he is working for his dream job.But still I think no one I saw much dedicated and honest with work.He continously attending calls from news media writers and giving them answers with politeness and ease.His attitude and enthuciasm is phenomenal.He's having great capacity to bear complicated things with ease.He is expressive in nature which helps him for his profession.
I must say a simplicity in living and enthusiastic personality never affects success in your career. I expect lots of good films from him like Tinhisaanja.I wish good luck for his bright future.    
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