vote, to whom

Elections are on the heat now,every part of media is asking the people to vote includes radio FM channels,TV shows,newspapers and also movies like "Mi Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy".These all are insisting people to vote to their favorite candidate.Just vote to the candidate who is truely elegible,candidate who is educated,candidate who with no violent background,candidate who will listen and apply social needs of "Stupid Common" people,candidate who will use his position to grown up his constituency with education,basic needs,jobs and all.Ohh,this list is getting bigger and bigger.I have just written this within less time.If I get more time,then I will post long list also.
Here,we consider that the people are agree to vote this time.Like me all will vote.But problem is that to whom they vote."Vote Denaar tar kunaal vate denaar ?".My question is that there are two kinds of voters.Fist one are those who are white collar & educated and second are those who suffered from previous(rulling) government and wants change to govenment which listen to their deep throated voice of sorrow.Educated people knows who is good candidate and to whom to vote.But here the problem comes.People with good education are earning good amount of money also in recession period and they are happy about current situation,or they may be government servents as government announced high salary packages,besides the fact that 26th november incident.They are happy.They want to continue as it is.("Aamhala kay farak padat naahi,aamcha manus aamchya saathi karato aahe na!"/"I dont mind with current situation,our candidate is doing things for us" ).Unless that this candidate is currepted ,uneducated & prisnor for 2-3 murders ,rapes.That is good for them. What about the very common people who is fighting with every challenge put in front them by currepted candidates? What about those who lost their family members in 26th november attack? Who still not compenseted ?
Actually recession not came in such kind of white collar people's way it came on common people's way.Stupid common people got affected with it. Not those who have lots of money in their pockets.Why they will not vote to those culprits as they are good for them,but not for commons?
We say that we need change,we have to grown up like US,UK like countries.Its my personal thought that government which doesnt shown their ability to control 26th november attack and after all that doesnt shown their proper reaction to victim country is not eligible to back in government."jar tyaana kaahi action gheta naahi aali tar tyanchi layakich naahi sattevar yaychi ".Rulling government is polio affected,please make them to seat at home.But I am not saying that elect the opposition party,as they are saying that they are Indian People's Party.They both are childeren of same mother "corruption". But what option we have is to whom should we elect this time. Think about the whole situation now 'Are we in such position to develope our country at all levels,think about history,think about your future also and then vote.I request God to give blessings to white collars conservative minded and to thought is broader mind.Time is changing,change according with it.
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