Rajuri - My village

Here is my native place/village Rajuri.Rajuri located in east part of pune district on Mumbai-Vishakhapattanam/Kalyan-Ahmednagar high-way.Reason behind posting this photo because you can see shape of main village part is like a circle.Possibly there might be a boundry and wall like any anciet village in history.It seems very strange to me when I saw this first on Google Earth. I think lots of villages in Maharashtra may have same structure as gate to enter village and village is surounded by long common wall.In marathi gate is prononced as 'Ves'.10 years before new 'Ves' is rebuilt by villagers. I heard that Ves before renewation was 100 years old and was in really bad condition. I will post lots of interesting things and stories about Rajuri in upcoming posts. 

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