My visit to Mumbai after terror attack (Part 1)

25 days after mumbai attacks are over and yet all the media and we still in shock of terror attacks on mumbai.Today,actually I visited almost all the spots where all the incidents took place.
It was a fresh Sunday and it was decided by all officials of Trident and Taz to reopen the serive stopped on 26th November 2008.Mumbai was looking relaxed after all the tragedy and everyone or every mumbaikar was busy doing their routine work.Most probably there was no rush at CST of passengers and travelers who visited city or departing from city.I thought as it is sunday, so no one came out of their houses and get relaxed breath after hectic week.
I always visits CST and other area towards churchgate and TAZ,trident,nariman point,marine lines & girgaon choupati area.That place is my most favourite area I ever visit and always remain in my whole life.Especially marine lines(Queens Ring) and walkeshwar.I love that place and every point on that place.When I visit that places once in year it reduces my all burdens and tensions beared in belonging year.It gives me a fresh kick so that I get ready for all challenges next day.Mumbai gives me inspiration to live a life with positive attitude.I see everyone is adjusting with lots of thing which they actually don't like,but they adjusts well and apart from that they enjoys their life in their 'style'.
But this time I saw some tensions and pressure in the faces of all the people at CST.That tension is obvious I think because almost 60 innocent people killed at that spot by two terrorists.I also saw some relaxed faces of youngsters who are capturing their special visit on special time in camera to store in their
hard disk memories for ever.Also I like to mention and remember one thing when I got out of train I saw one n half year boy was running towards CST gate with big smile on his face.He doesn't know what happened here.I and my uncle tackle with him childishly to get some mood back.He stopped and looked once at us and again start running towards CST gate.I got one lesson from that child that child trying to tell us that I am not going to fear for such attacks I will fly independently and happily towards my goal, so you also do the same.
Then I surveyed all those spots where firing took place.I also saw remarks made by bullets on walls of station,but vanished by cement applied on it.I saw posters of all policemen who died on CST station.Posters was filled with stories of their respective courageous job.I was really feeling proud on that policemen for their great deeds.
Then I followed the way where that two terrorists taken to reach cama hospital.I saw that particular place where 6 polices killed by terrorists near cama hospital.That is right front of corporation bank ATM , a very silent tunnel like road with some small trees on both side of street.Some children were playing cricket that time on the place where that incident happened .I asked them that you was here when 6 polices killed on this spot.And they narrated the story in brief words.I also saw some visitors was surveying that place very keenly to store in their mind.Actually everyone was very curious to see that places where our polices killed by the terrorists.
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