Raj Thackrey's visit to my town

Hello friends,it was very hot sunday today.Lots of things happened.First,MNS(Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) party co-operators took charge on North-Indians students who came long down here at Thane,kalyan,Dombiwali,Sion for Railway entrance exams(I dont know proper name) for the various posts in Railways.

And second,fortunately MNS chief Raj Thackerey came at my home town Alephata (pune) for inaguration of cloth store. Obviously, he roar like as he done this whole year about Marathi issue.I attended that firy speech by Raj Saheb.

I dont know MNS co-operators are doing good or not,but their outcome is good that I feeling in Pune.If I mention name of my college it will be not good. Bot somewhere I am experiencing change in behaviours of OMS(Out of Maharashtra Students).actually they are trying to speak in Marathi as much as they can with us. I think its good.

Another thing,I am not supporter of Raj Thackrey,but what his coligues are doing I feel its fair.They are occupying seats which are common to all maharashtrian and no maharashtrian even know about railway exams.Its disastrous! All of us know details about seats occupied in various posts in railways.I feel its unfair with Marathi people who are sharing food and space with all India since 1961 with pleasure.But its getting difficult when unemployed Maharashtrian doesnt even get information about these exams.Are they not eligible for these exams? Can BA pass out cannot handle job of Ticket Checker(TC).

Its my opinion friends,I want to share it with you.It may be possible that you might not agree with me.What you think? Please comment it!

You can download his speeches here.

Download Raj Thackrey speech (1)
Download Raj Thackrey speech (2)
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