How google works?

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This image I got through email.Thanks to my friend who mail me this. This is the one of the best mail I got ever.
As a regular internet user I must thank Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin .I think internet is 20 % without Google. Google made the information to be as central part one site.You just type your query in searchbox and get related & comprehensive results of your queries. I can say that Information Technology is that what google is doing.
Today we start to learn the internet only with Google. Creating gmail acount may useful in Orkutting,mail,blogging,picasa,youtube & other numerous services provided by Google.By using power of Google one can set up their own business at home and can be easily maintain that business.
So friends,we must know that how Google works behind & it shows how powerful Google is.
Take a look guys & dont forget to comment!
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