Experienced the real life!

Today I saw movie Wednesday and unfortunately delhi serial bomb blast taken place.When I think about both these things,I am thoroughly agreed with the option chosen by NassirJi in Wednesday. What STUPID COMMON man can do,,,only wait for such situation where he sorrow for someone relatives death in bomb blast or family sorrow for ourself death.STUPID COMMON man is like monkey,,,following stupid culture coming from their forefathers,I will post that monkeys story later on my blog. We have to change things to live peacefully.

Whenever I go to Mumbai my birth place my AAI(mummy) says "take care my son or not go to their,its dangerous,anything can happened", but unfortunately I met this situation on 11th julay.I wanted to attend centralized admission process at VJTI Matunga.I left my home at 5:45am from Alephata(a small town in pune),i reached to kalyan on 9am. My grandfather met me on station to bring me to kurla from where my Mama(Uncle) will give company to me.Also we have plan to visit some famous places on western side whole day. Admission process finished at 2 pm.It was sad moment for me that I couldn't got admission in an Autonomous engineering colleges. I decided to go home at kurla. We reached to kurla at 3:30pm. Again we decided to go to western line for some shopping.When we reached to kurla station one policeman gaves information to us that western railway strucked by 2 bomb blasts.I was strucked also.There was relax morning on that day.
on western line,and on evening its disastrous. We came to home in minutes and saw it was serial blasts.First ,second ,third ,fourth,fifth,sixth,seventh,there was 7 blasts .............. It was first time I found in such horrible situation. That day mama had night duty at his office,I asked him to het CL for that day,,he replied with answer which gave me another shock"MUMBAI NEVER STOPS!" There was no effect on mumbaikars because of these blasts.Why to fear? we can meet Death either in home as well as in train.Salute to mumbaikars! How they handle situation is great experience for me, and a good lesson also. I will never forget that day in my whole life.My family was in very much tension until they got my call midnight.When I saw my fathers and mothers face when they saw me after this incidence is very very satisfactory.But what about others who daily travel by western ,central railways.What should be the feeling of parents,wives who wishes everyday that will we meet tonight or not ?

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